Artist Biography

As a lifetime resident of the Pacific Northwest, my paintings evoke an intimate and intuitive understanding of regional and local landscapes and an emotional kinship to water and coastal landscapes. My earliest memories are of turning over beach rocks, hearing the scuttle of small crabs and waves, smell of decomposing algae and kelp, light seeking gaps in clouds and shocking cold of Puget Sound waters even on a hot summers day. My artwork is intended to conjure up these memories and share the presence of having been there with the viewer.

Over the years, I have taken photography, drawing, and pastel workshops from inspirational artists/teachers. Each experience has enhanced my ability to simply and perceptively distill places and time on paper and canvas.

Scott’s artwork has been exhibited in a solo exhibition at American Art Company in 1974 and Northwind Arts Center and numerous regional and local group exhibitions in 2017 and 2018.  




2017, 2018    Northwind Arts Center - Artist Showcase
1974 American Art Company - solo exhibit of photographs

Group Exhibitions

2018 Landscape Perspectives - Merit Award, Northwind Arts Center
2017 Wind and Water - Northwind Arts Center
2017 Art in Jefferson Memorial Hospital  
2017 Expressions Northwest - a regional Northwest and B.C. juried show
2017 Alchemy of the Abstract - Northwind Arts Center, photographs
2017 Small Expressions - Northwind Arts Center, photographs


1994-1995 Antioch University, M.S. Management
1982-1985 University of Washington, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
1972 Yale College