The places that speak to me emotionally through memory’s lens, the physicality of place and the ephemera of light, shadow and color- all are my inspiration. Tempered by my imagination, based on memories embellished though time, my paintings try to capture a sense of being there at a particular meaningful place out of my past. They are a visual diary of dreams and recollection. 

In my paintings, I move freely from a post impressionistic style conveying light to non-objective abstracts of regional Northwest color and texture. I am inspired both by the emotive power of Turner, the transparent luminosity of Rothko and the mastery of Degas pastels. While learning and refining my technical process, I also intentionally explore, experiment, add and subtract, layer, distress paper or canvas, and retain remnant marks and colors to elicit curiosity and evoke an emotional response from viewers. I work quickly and intuitively on photographs, drawings and paintings to outdistance my critical and rational self, improvising and welcoming new directions and pathways. 

My photographs experiment with layering, color and texture and the process of aging, restoration and renewal found on boat yard hulls, wall graffiti and natural forms shaped by water.  I paint and photograph not to represent or render realistically but to convey, through interpretation, a sense of a place based on a kinship to coastal and water born landscapes.